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Immerse yourself in the vibrant tradition and comfort with the “Batik Sarong” – your essential companion for a touch of elegance and cultural pride. Specially crafted by the skillful artisans of Jamu Mak Dara, this sarong is a masterpiece made from genuine Terengganu Original Batik, embodying the spirit and heritage of Malaysian artistry.

Fashioned from 100% premium cotton, the “Batik Sarong” boasts an impressive five-layer application that ensures the colors remain vivid and true, wash after wash. The dedication to quality means no fading, just everlasting beauty. Its superb absorbency speaks of meticulous attention to your comfort, making it the ideal choice for the tropical climate.

The “Batik Sarong” is a true feast for the eyes, featuring stunning and intricate designs that capture the essence of batik. The palette of colors is dazzling, and the patterns are both graceful and captivating, bound to make a bold statement wherever you go. Its thickest, softest, and most cooling fabric grants you the luxury of feeling both relaxed and radiant.

Generously sized, our sarong accommodates up to XXL, ensuring that every woman can embrace this piece of heritage with a perfect and flattering fit. Ready to wear, it comes with a convenient elasticated top seam, allowing for effortless dressing and flexibility in style. Whether you’re wrapping up for a traditional kemban or looking to pair it with a kebaya or kurung, the versatility of the “Batik Sarong” is unparalleled.

Celebrate your femininity and love for culture with the “Batik Sarong,” a blend of traditional beauty and contemporary comfort that is simply irresistible. Don’t miss the chance to own a garment that is as rich in heritage as it is in charm. Perfect for any occasion, the “Batik Sarong” is waiting to complement your wardrobe with its timeless elegance and unmatchable quality.


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