Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah – Premium Postnatal Care Kit by Jamu Mak Dara

Discover the ultimate postnatal care with Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah, brought to you by Jamu Mak Dara. Rejuvenate and nourish your body with our natural herbal remedies and postnatal supplements, expertly tailored for new mothers. Shop now for a seamless postpartum recovery experience.

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Rediscover the traditional secrets of postnatal care with “Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah,” a product designed to tend to the unique needs of mothers who have just given birth. Embrace the wisdom passed down through generations in Malay culture, where the practice of confinement after childbirth is not just a tradition but a critical period for ensuring a mother’s health and lasting wellness.


With “Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah,” experience the ease and convenience of an all-in-one postnatal care set that honors ancestral practices while ensuring modern simplicity and effectiveness. Its meticulous selection of items is tailored to rejuvenate and restore your well-being during this precious time.


In this exclusive 8-in-1 package, developed by Jamu Mak Dara, we have streamlined the self-care process for new mothers by assembling an essential kit to help you ease through your postnatal journey. This unique set is your ally, assuring that critical post-delivery care is not only accessible but also thoroughly enjoyable.


Immerse yourself in the natural goodness of “Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah,” boasting ingredients sourced from the lush rainforests, free from any synthetic additives. Every element of the set works harmoniously to support your recovery, enhance your tranquility, and uplift your spirits as you navigate the early stages of motherhood.


Your “Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah” includes:

  • 2 Bottles of Jamu Mak Asli Capsules, a time-honored remedy that champions your body’s postnatal restoration.
  • Losyen Susut, a lotion crafted to assist in toning and firming the skin.
  • Pilis Ibu Halimah, a herbal paste for forehead application, promoting relaxation and balanced well-being.
  • Lulur Kopi Ibu Halimah, an invigorating coffee scrub to rejuvenate your skin and awaken your senses.
  • Rempah Mandi, a bath spice blend to cleanse and refresh your body, enveloping you in aromatic indulgence.
  • Bauan Herba, Wave farewell to the pregnancy-related allergies!
  • Tungku Herba, a herbal compress to soothe aches and provide warmth, bringing comfort to the body.
  • Pencuci Wanita, a feminine wash that gently cleanses and maintains hygiene during the postnatal period.


Unveil the joys of motherhood with newfound vitality and serenity. “Set Bersalin Ibu Halimah” invites you on a restorative journey, providing a cherished and holistic approach to postnatal care. Embrace the tranquility, embrace tradition, embrace yourself — welcome to the start of an extraordinary chapter.

Product Guide


Delight in the time-honored treasures of self-care with “TIPS IBU HALIMAH,” your postnatal guardian angel, guiding you through the art of ancient Malay confinement wisdom! Our comforting Post Natal Set is more than just a treasure trove of rejuvenation—it’s a gleeful celebration of motherhood and feminine strength, tied with a ribbon of sage advice.


The magic of our jamu begins only when you are ready—starting from the seventh day after you’ve welcomed your little one into the world, for those traditional births, or after two to four weeks for the modern mommas recovering from cesarean deliveries. Patience is the key to beauty and well-being, so wait until incisions are healed before beginning this beautiful journey with us.


But that’s not all—our sacred pilis is here to keep “meroyan” at bay, safeguarding those sparkling eyes of yours. And when it comes to cocooning your womb, the practice of “bertungku” and “berbengkung” will embrace and caress you closer to your pre-baby essence.


For 44 days, focus on the intimate dance of bonding with your child and leave the maritals aside to preserve the sanctity of your temple. A gentle reminder for the eager and loving spouses—patience during this time will pave the way for deeper connections to blossom.


To the expecting mothers with a surprise bundle of joy on the way, pause the jamu as you prepare for yet another magical journey—each life stage is a unique drumbeat in the heart of womanhood.


As the seasons in your life change, and forty becomes your crowning glory, dance with the greens of the earth. Let ulam-ulaman be your dish of choice as it serenades your well-being, easing away from the siren’s call of the briny deep.


For every spirited soul on this enchanting voyage of femininity, bid farewell to the cool whispers of cold meals and drinks. Embrace the warmth as your companion towards a svelte silhouette, avoiding the watery whispers that tempt the belly to bloom beyond its welcome.


With “TIPS IBU HALIMAH,” welcome the excitement of new beginnings and nurturing with a loving, lively touch. This Post Natal Set is more than a ritual; it’s a festive adventure into motherhood, where each tip resonates with the joyous heartbeat of traditional Malay wisdom. Join us and let your postpartum chapter unfold in a cascade of vitality and heartwarming care!


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