Bengkung Slimming Belt (ZIP) – Traditional Postpartum Belly Wrap

Experience the comfort and support of Bengkung Mak Dara, Jamu Mak Dara’s traditional Malaysian postpartum belly wrap, designed to aid in recovery and shaping after childbirth. Shop now for quality and authenticity.

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Embark on a journey towards a sleek silhouette with the Bengkung Slimming Belt—an exquisitely designed marvel tailored for all the beautiful women striving for that alluring figure, especially precious mothers in confinement. The innovative zip feature of our Bengkung belt is revolutionary, promising unfettered, hassle-free bathroom breaks in under a minute, and an equally swift re-application. Say goodbye to complicated layering and embrace simplicity with our effortlessly adjustable zippered Bengkung.

Crafted from the finest cotton belacu fabric, our Bengkung Slimming Belt spans approximately 15 meters, encompassing the area from below the breasts to the lower buttocks. It’s meticulously created to offer a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring rapid progress in reclaiming and sculpting your body. The harmonious blend of traditional grace and modern functionality ensures that your goals are not just met—they’re exceeded with every wear.

Jamu Mak Dara is committed to excellence for the discerning woman. We understand that authenticity is timeless, hence we opt for premium grade A cotton belacu fabric suitable for all skin types and conditions. Pre-washed before sewing, our belts retain their pristine condition, without shrinking, distinguishing them from others in the market. The warmth and authenticity of the belacu threads work wonders in dispelling wind during the wrapping process, ensuring a harmonious fit, free from discomfort.

Come, ladies, step into the Bengkung Slimming Belt—carefully constructed for your comfort, designed to delight, and your companion in confidently curating the body you desire and deserve. Experience the difference with Jamu Mak Dara, where tradition meets modern luxury in every thread.

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  • M: 20 inch * 34 inch
  • L: 20 inch * 41 inch
  • XL: 20 inch * 48 inch
  • XXL: 20 inch * 56 inch



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